A stylized solar disc, symbolizing Ulaan.

Ulaan is the supreme being of the Tharani religion and is, in many notable ways, similar to Y'arani of Ashani belief. Ulaan's worship begins with the visionary experiences of Hathan bel-Kor , first of the Veshyaar .

Visionary accounts preserved from the experiences of the Veshyaar do not describe Ulaan as having a human like form or features. S/he is often described in terms of blinding light, incredible majesty and infinite compassion, but also incredible power and wisdom. For this reason Tharani art portrays Ulaan as a solar disc.

The Salarashara describes Ulaan as a patient and merciful being, benevolent to his/her followers and cherishing them like children. However, s/he is also capable of rage and thunder and the tales of the Veyshaar relate the terrible interventions of Ulaan in the direst of times. Ulaan combines the concepts of the victorious warrior and the ruling king.

Ulaan is strongly associated with the sun as well; many Tharani customs and practices reflect this solar association. Offerings made to the god tend to be agricultural in nature--first fruits of the harvest and so forth. Milk, grain and honey are also common offerings, each of which is more valuable when raised and obtained by one's own hand.