Tymar of Shatiulbahr (b 30 Icewind, 405 AS, d 12 Quickens, 479 AS) was the second of the Veshyaar of the Tharan religion. He is remembered as a saintly figure, and wise, but sterner than Hathan bel-Kor had been.

Of all the Veshyaar, Tymar was the most traveled. Several times in his life he embarked on long journeys to regions of the world far from his home. These voyages were incredibly influential on him, and his writings, preserved in the Salarashara, take the form of a travelogue mingling the real and the fanciful in allegorical tales.

It was Tymar who declared the fifth melakir, or obligation, on Tharani--the learning of Shaabati, the language of bel-Kor, and thereafter the liturgical and cultural language of Tharan. In so doing, Tymar also provided a common language for all the faithful, as Shabaati is understood by the majority of Tharani across the world.