Turan Halad, born on the twenty-second day of the month of Young Sun, is a member of the Druidic Order of Keledon, and highly active in the inner circles

Turan Halad, Druid of Southern Keledon.

of the Archdruid of Capel Derwydd. He is the younger brother of Seldhe Halad, who currently sits the Falcon Throne as Queen Heulyn II.

Following the rebellion of his uncle, Balar, Turan surrendered his legal claim to the leadership of his House, to prevent the basis for another rebellion against his sister.

Following his abdication, he found himself free of the duties for which he had been prepared his entire life. Pleased with the new development, he travelled about the kingdom for a bit, and around the cities of Maraseri.

Upon his return home he felt a powerful draw towards the Druidic Order of the land. Ultimately unable to resist it, Turan eventually entered the ranks of the priesthood. There he found his natural talents and training of great service, and advancement came quickly for him. A decade later he is deep within the counsels of one of Keledon's three Archdruids.

Turan remains close to his sister, the Queen, visiting her as frequently as his duties permit. He is also close with Galwyn Bearclaw, the representative of the Druids on the Royal Council. Turan sometimes finds himself torn between his loyalties to his sister and their shared heritage, and the Druidic order. But he is a man of duty, and honor, and has held strictly to his priestly oaths.