The Treaty of Abassard was a concord concluded in 872 AS, settling the matter of kingship over the great, sweeping vale of Akaryth.

According to the terms of the treaty, the kingdom is divided into four great provinces, honouring the traditional lands of its history. The capital would be located at Morcham Keep (where it remains), which would be surrounded by a fifth province.

Each of the four provinces would be governed by a Seneschal, appointed by the King of the realm and serving generally for life. While the positions are not specifically hereditary, in practice they are often treated so.

After the Protectorate, a parlliament was added to the political structure of Akaryth. It's nature is largely as a council for the nobility, providing a legal body in support of their social, political and economic interaction and unity. This parliament does not limit the power of the king, or of his representatives on the Cynosure, but acts like a sort of guild of nobles.

According to later belief and teaching, the negotiations leading to the treaty were mediated by Luyan of Solstrom, now the Mago, or patron saint, of the kingdom.

The original copy of the Treaty is maintained in Morcham Keep.