The crest of House Morym, displaying three lions.

The Three Lions of Morym is a phrase referring to three members of the Keledoni House Morym. Composed of two brothers, Arthyn and Gwaer, and their cousin Dagen, the Three Lions were legends in their day for their military prowess, appetite for women and drink, and seemingly endless adventures. Rare is the Keledoni bard who doesn't know at least a song or two concerning the Lions.

Some popular favorites, including the somber Midsummer's Pride and the raunchy Lying With a Lion, are known throughout the kingdom and are particular favorites among elisted lower class men.

The heyday of the trio and their adventures was during the reign of Gendar III (r. 1643-1672 AS); young Tharun Halad grew up hearing tales of their adventures and this would shape the man he would become as Gendar IV.

The crest of House Morym, which had always featured a lion as a device, added two more to honour the trio that brought such honour and renown to their House.

The LionsEdit

Gwaer was the older of the two brothers by three years; their cousin Dagen fell between them in age and had been sent to foster with his sister's brother upon the death of his own father.

Gwaer was tall and slender, heir to House Morym, and not particularly pleasing to the eye. However he was an incredible swordsman and went on to become one of the finest leaders his House has known. Dark of eye and brown-haired, he resembled his father's family more than his brother.

Arthyn was shorter and stockier than his brother, sandy haired and green eyed like his mother. Handsome, although not unusually so, he was an accomplished lute player and sometime poet as well.

Dagen was the grimmest of the three. Black haired and with dark, flashing eyes, he is remembered as a valiant but dirty fighter.