Theo of Aldwyn (b. 1840 AS) began life as a simple commoner but found his fame and fortune during Balar's Rebellion. As one of the leaders and driving forces behind the Lowborn Militia Theo's efforts contributed immensely to Seldhe Halad's victory and her ascension to the Falcon Throne of Keledon.

Created the first Baron of Aldwyn and given the lands surrounding his home town, Theo continues to be a figure beloved among the kingdom's common folk.

Early Life Edit

Theo was born to Gwair and Avriane, a poor couple who made their home in Aldwyn, a small village in Culain. Gwair came from a line of farmers and hunters and it was the latter pursuit which gave him greater success. Theo grew up as a constant companion to his father, learning the forests and how to hunt, fish and grow food.

As Aldwyn itself is near the town of Culain Theo grew up close enough to the seat of House Alens that he was fascinated by the knights and armoured warriors who would pass through the village on their way to Culain or elsewhere. The village's inn, located a slow day's ride from Culain, was frequently filled with nobles and their retinues; Theo spent a great deal of his time eavesdropping, listening to stories, and dreaming about one day being such a noble knight.

Balar's Rebellion (Main Article) Edit

In 1860 AS King Halar III died, sparking a war of succession in which Balar Halad contended with Seldhe Halad for the throne of Keledon. Seldhe had always had the hearts and minds of the common people, treating them


with kindness and compassion and seeking to improve their lots when possible. The first great battle of the rebellion occurred in the wide plain running from Culain to the small town of Havan--in other words, the people of Aldwyn were witnesses to the clash. While this first battle was indecisive, Balar's brutish and cruel nature was made plain when he burned the fields and homes of the locals.

Theo himself was incensed at Balar's actions. With his family displaced and moving south, away from the fighting, Theo soon met up with other angry young men, seeking to support their beloved princess. Together with Jord of the Blackshaw, Will Haleson and Alrik Beyran Theo decided to drum up whatever support he could. By the spring of 1861 AS the young men had cobbled together a network of eyes and ears across the central parts of the kingdom, gathering information on troop movements and logistics. With their assistance Seldhe's army was able to catch Balar's in a surprising rout in late summer. The tide of the war was turning.

By spring of the following year, 1862 AS, both Theo and Alrik had infiltrated Balar's forces, taking supplies from fallen soldiers and masquerading as merchants. Having quickly earned Balar's trust (doubtless his increasing desperation was an influence) Theo and Alrik agreed to cross into Akaryth with gold to pay mercenaries. And they did this...but hired the fresh forces in Seldhe's name, not Balar's. Their return with the hired forces proved to be the final and decisive action of the war--terribly outnumbered, Balar was soundly defeated and captured.

Following the rebellion Seldhe Halad undertook the Keledoni rites of kingship and ascended to the throne as Queen Heulyn II. As part of the celebration of her ascension the young queen called Theo, Alrik, Wil and Jord to court where each was created a Baron, and granted lands taken from those Houses who had stood against the throne.

Theo was created the first Baron of Aldwyn and, naturally enough, made his home in the village of his birth. Granted the lands of the village and its immediate surroundings, Theo quickly became very popular among his subjects. As his sigil he took the golden head of a stag under three pine trees--both reminders of his youth and the lands in which he grew up.