Map of Taryn

Taryn is a small town on the souther-eastern border of Salashar. The Golden Road ends at Taryn, splitting into three routes leading to Darralshei, Salashar and Matlisan.

Taryn is not a trade hub; most of its industry is centered on refreshing and sheltering caravans arriving from Kozurg or in preparing caravans preparing to cross it.

A small market square exists in town, and is usually bustling on market days. The town itself is divided in two by the Rushwater; the two are linked by a bridge that crosses an island on the river.


1. In the center of the town proper is the market square. On any given day vendors can be found there hawking local wares. On market days--in the early and late week--find the square bustling as the folk of the outlying farms also bring their wares and replenish their supplies. Announcements of general importance are also made here, and tacked to a post in the center of the square for those who can read.

2. Just off the square is the Oak Cask Inn, a decent establishment run by a jovial and clever man named Eldi Karn. The food is good and the ale even better. Eldi runs a tight ship however and tolerates no fighting among his patrons or manhandling of his barmaids. As the only real drinking establishment in town The Oak Cask is usually fairly busy and most people in town can be found there at one time or another. Beds are reasonably priced; stabling is slightly less so.

3. The garrison grounds on the centre island is the drill yard for the small local militia that protects the town. When capital punishments are levied they are often carried out here, where access can be restricted.