Of all the members of the storied Company of the Crescent Moon, Tarantar was the darkest, and in the end, most tragic. A powerful Ashani mage, Tarantar's madness and ultimate end were rooted in his pursuit of ever greater magic and command over darker forces not native to the world of Aralath.

Today, in the songs and tales of bards, Tarantar is remembered often as a tragic figure who fell prey to his own ambitions; sometimes he is described as a figure manipulated to bring about the end of the Company.

Tarantar's mastery of fire magic is legendary; he is said to have commanded flame and smoke as if they were part of his own body.


Early LifeEdit

Tarantar's date of birth is unknown, but he seemed older than Kyriana, who was born in 1521 AS; a rough period of 1500-1508 AS is generally assumed. He was born among the Rendashani of Ementar at any rate, and showed an early aptitude for and interest in magic. Little is known about his youth and upbringing; if any of the members of the Company knew more they did not reveal it. The young Ashan was brash, headstrong, and over-confident. His abilities had made him smug and arrogant as well.

On a quiet evening during his apprenticeship Tarantar's mentor departed on a brief journey. Tarantar snuck into his master's sanctum, and crept away with a book of incantations. A few small tricks were easily mastered, and he confidently skipped into the middle of the book, finding a spell to create a splash of acid. Drawing the power into himself, he began the complex gestures and chants of the spell. He was over his head and lost control of the magic; the acid manifested and splashed onto his face, searing his flesh and leaving him hideously scarred thereafter.

This incident shaped a great deal of the rest of his life. He often hid his visage from view. A deep anger grew within him as well and he bent his will towards mastery of flame and fire. Eventually he completed his training and journeyed out into the world.

Company of the Crescent MoonEdit

In 1703 AS Tarantar was travelling through Keledon, accompanied by Kyriana. While resting at an inn in Hawksholme the pair met Borom and Marel of Morcham Keep and soon formed the Company. During this early period, shortly after Dale of Havan joined their ranks, the Company entered an old series of catacombs beneath a ruined monastery. Deep within, they encountered, and ultimately bested, a conjured demon. Tarantar found his interest piqued.

For the next few years he proved to be a valuable member of the group, skilled with magic though hot-tempered. During this period he also discovered certain magical texts and tomes that enhanced his abilities several times over.

The bards continue to tell heroic tales of Tarantar from this time--how he brerated the gods, and lived; or his fury at being deceived by a merchant in Shatiulbar.

Sometime in the early 1720s Tarantar began to secretly conjure and treat with demons and devils. While he gained greater power and influence he also sowed the seeds of his own end. In 1726 AS the Company began what is now called in songs the Quest of the Sevenfold Staff. As the Company found the staves they began to exert an influence over Tarantar. With his demonic and devilish allies each trying to sway his thoughts as well, the additional pressure of the staves proved to be too great to bear. Tarantar began to slip into madness.

At the end of the Quest, the final one for the Company, they assaulted Asaurgoroth the Spirit-Fiend in the heart of his magical prison. While they prevailed in the battle, Azeem fell. As master of the staves, Tarantar struck the final, victorious blow against the Fiend. Exulting in this victory, which he saw as his alone, Tarantar knew his might to be greater than that of even the gods. Mocking his infernal servants, for the first time known to his allies, he commanded them to return to their own worlds with messages of derision for their masters. How could mere lords of the pits stand against he who slew Asaurgoroth? He would not pay his debts, and felt himself immune.


In autumn of 1728 AS Tarantar was alone in his home, a small tower not far from Hawksholme. The date was that agreed upon years ago for the payment of his debts. In the middle of a cold night screams and roars were heard within the tower; by morning the entire structure had collapsed. No trace of Tarantar the Red, now known as the Mad, was found thereafter.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

+Tarantar was a powerful Ashani mage devoted to fire and flame.

+During his time with the Company he learned some unarmed attacks from a warrior monk.

+Tarantar had a powerful will and was incredibly difficult to dominate or sway.

+During his life he became quite wealthy, buying a small tower and land around it near Hawksholme.

Special Thanks:Edit

-to Larry, who was the creator and player of Tarantar Back In the Day (tm).