Sabell Lisandi S'Ementar is an Ashani priestess of the Swan Mother, raised and trained in Yarathera and dispatched by the Selviliya to serve as spiritual guide to the Knights of the Griffon.


Sabell was born in 1695 AS among the Silashani of Ementar. When she was yet a child her parents travelled to Yarathera, arriving there in 1703 AS.

In 1766 AS, when Kyriana Alqaviliya was granted the mantle of Selviliya, Sabell entered into the priesthood of the SwanMother. Showing a fire, wisdom and devotion well beyond her years, Sabell excelled in her training and soon found a place beside the Selviliya herself as a handmaiden.

In 1852 AS Sabell was sent by the Selviliya to Griffon Keep to serve as priestess to the Knights, according to the oaths sworn by Kyriana Alqaviliya and Dale of Havan.

During her time in this role, Sabell has come to know Galwyn Bearclaw quite well; the two share a closeness that reminds many of a father and daughter, despite the fact that Sabell is far older than the venerable Druid.

Among the Knights of the Griffon Sabell initially made few friends or allies. Her predecessor had been a beloved figure in the Keep, and was recalled with little explanation. However, within her first year, Sabell had slowly won over most of the Knights and, by the end of 1853 AS was well accepted among them all.

Sabell's talent as a healer and curer of disease is well known and hardly paralleled elsewhere in Amallon.