Like the monarchs of many kingdoms, those of Keledon have a large number of titles bestowed upon them. The usual ones, and an explanation of each, is found below.

Peerage Titles Edit

These titles are noble, landed ones, situating the monarch within the feudal system of nobility within the kingdom.

King / Queen of the Realm of Keledon: Highest title in the land, applied to the occupant of the Falcon Throne.

King / Queen of Southern Sen: Since the largely barren region of Southern Sen came under Keledon's dominion, the Falcon Throne has also claimed kingship over it.

King / Queen of Southern Sen: Since Southe

Duke / Duchess of Kingsland: The monarch directly rules Kingsland, the Reach surrounding the capital city, Kindem Hua. The minor and major Houses found therein swear fealty directly to the king or queen, in his or her capacity as Duke or Duchess of the Kingsland.

Maquis / Marquess of Hawksbridge: Hawksbridge is a sacred site in Keledoni history. Traditionally, it has been the seat of House Halad, but since that House came to the Throne, its traditional title has become a royal one.

High Earl of the Northmarches: While House Terwin rules the Marches, the Crown maintains lands and title there to remind the rebellious House of its place. The title was folded into the Royal ones during Sothar's day.

Baron/ess of Hawksholme: Hawksholme, the hill in Kindem Hua on which the royal palace now stands, has long been a sacred site in Keledon, and especially to the ancient Hualio clan. While the monarch rules the city and surrounding Reach as a duke or duchess, the hill and all its environs are themselves considered a royal barony.

Mythical Titles Edit

These titles are connected with legends and mythology concerning the kingship of the realm, as well as reminders of responsibilities.

Defender of the Elder Oak: The legendary King Sothar is sometimes called the Elder Oak, a name representing his status as the first king blessed by all the Archdruids of the Three Enclaves. The title reminds the monarch to safeguard the close relationship between the Crown and the Druids.

Scion of the First Crown: This title is applied only to monarchs who are descended from Sothar. So far, all of them have been, and it has become an unstated tradition that the monarch must have such ancestry.

Lord / Lady of the Woodmere: A reference to key myths concerning Sothar's rise to king. As part of the coronation rites the new monarch journeys to the Woodmere, in the Haft, undertaking a vigil there.

Sun-Crowned: The motif of a tree is often associated with the Falcon Throne and its occupant. The title refers to the tallest of the trees in a forest, which is known as the Sun-Crowned in Keledoni parlance. The title refers to the monarch's station above all others.

By the Grace of the Roots, the Bark, the Boughs and the Leaves: This symbolic title reminds the monarch that s/he sits the throne only at the pleasure of four groups--the common people (roots); the Druids (bark); nobles (boughs); and Gods (leaves).

Other Titles Edit

Lord / Lady Commander of the Order of the Black Stag: The monarch is ex officio head of the order.