Queen Heulyn II (b. 16 Highsun, 1842 AS, in Hawksbridge, as Seldhe Halad) is the current monarch of the kingdom of Keledon and head of the House of Halad. Her full titles are: Her Royal Majesty Heulyn the Second, Duchess of the Kingsland, Marquess of Hawksbridge, High Earl of the Northmarches, Baroness of Hawksholme, Defender of the Elder Oak, Scion of the First Crown, Lady of the Woodmere, the Sun-Crowned, and, by the Grace of the roots, the bark, the boughs and the leaves,Queen of all the Realms of Keledon and Southern Sen.


She was born as Seldhe, second child and eldest daughter of King Gendar V, and sister of King Halar III, eldest of Gendar's brood. Upon the death of Halar III in 1860 AS, a war of succession erupted in which Balar (Gendar V's brother) put forth a claim to the throne as eldest male and head of House Halad. Seldhe herself, however, believed she had the stronger claim by Keledoni law. The resulting war raged for two years, but Seldhe's generals, in addition to her own keen mind, proved the superior. In several notable instances, Heulyn's forces were aided by spontaneous attacks from hastily assembled peasant militias; in at least one instance such an ambush proved decisive. Balar was soon defeated, and Seldhe came to the throne in 1863 AS (by then having completed the Keledoni rites of kingship).

As a royal princess Seldhe had earned a reputation for generosity, mercy and compassion among the common people. Once she won the throne they quickly began to call her Heulyn II, after the first Queen of Keledon, whose reign is remembered as a golden age of prosperity, where all (including commoners) received their share of justice and peace. At heart a humble woman, Seldhe was shocked at the association, but it soon became clear that whatever name she chose, among the commoners she would bear the name of the ancient queen. Accepting the plea of her people she took the throne as Heulyn II. During Balar's Rebellion the lowborn people of the kingdom had threatened revolt if he won, in addition to their courage in Heulyn's cause. In memory of this, Heulyn elevated four lowborn men to the Low Nobility, offering them estates and baronies taken from Houses who had sided with Balar. These four families, collectively called the Barons Mendicant, are called to council with the Queen yearly. There they report on the common people and their status.

As queen, Heulyn has cemented alliances between her House and many of the Noble Houses of the kingdom. She has also embarked on a series of public works within the land, including improved roads; greater security; and construction of new bridges and buildings. She has created a series of granaries and warehouses that are commanded to build up stocks in the event of famine.

Under Heulyn's rule the peace with Akaryth, Keledon's neighbour and chief rival, has continued unbroken. She has, so far, proven to be an able ruler, adroit negotiator and skilled diplomat. Her compassion towards all her people, from commoner to noble, is well known, as is her sense of justice and fairness. However the queen is not naive and is not easily blinded to reality.

Heulyn remains unmarried, and by Keledoni law the heir apparent is her younger brother, Turan. However Turan is a Druid, and cannot inherit the throne so long as he remains such. The monarch does, however, have the right to select his or her own heir. While Keledoni law passes leadership of a House to the eldest male child, Turan Halad's surrender of his claim when he became a Druid prevented any further dispute.

Personal StandardEdit


The Queen's personal standard incorporates that of the realm, t he Sun-on-Black of her House, and the Dragon and Moon that represent the ancient faith and people of the realm. The Queen sometimes displays both h er personal standard and that of House Halad together during important occasions and often in court.

Queen's Council (Main Article)Edit

The members of the Queen's Council, as of 1875 AS, include the following:

High Chancellor: Ademar Halad

Master of the Purse: Joryn Windmere

High Steward: Maeglin Kurdwyn

Lord Warden: Rendar Alens

Master of Sail: Karsum Borudh

Druidic Representative: Galwyn Bearclaw