The nobility of Keledon consists of many noble houses. A few are Great Houses , the rest major and minor ones. A House possessed of its own bannermen is generally major. In Keledoni reckoning the highest noble title associated with a House determines the category into which it falls. The various nobles titles are as follows, beginning with the highest (under the monarch):


King / Queen*

Royal Prince / Princess

(High Nobility)

Duke / Duchess


Marquis / Marquess

First (or High) Earl (unisex title)

(Low Nobility)



Baron / Baroness



  • Queen - This title is used in two fashions. 1) A female monarch who sits the throne is the Queen of the realm, as is Heulyn II today. 2) If a king rules the land his wife is also called Queen. However, as is the case now, where the monarch is a Queen, should she marry her husband does not become king in title or function. He is instead styled a (royal) Prince of the realm.
  • Keledoni heraldry grew out of clan symbols and devices. They often reflect long traditions and deep emotional connections to land, people and faith.

Naturally, multiple titles may belong to the same individual. The current monarch of Keledon, Queen Heulyn II, is also Duchess of Kingsland, First Earl of Hawksholme, Marquess of the Northmarches, and Baroness of Hawksbridge. Some of the traditions associated with real-world heraldry are not strongly followed in Keledon--the placing of tinctures over tinctures or metals over metals is not slavishly avoided, so long as the standard is easily identifiable. Additionally, the use of furs in any device or standard is only at the will of the monarch, who alone possesses the right to bestow furs upon a coat of arms. Furs are offered to individual coats of arms generally; incorporating them into the coat of a House is a very rare honour, and usually reflects a long tradition of loyalty to the Crown.

Forms of AddressEdit

All holders of noble titles, be they Low or High within the peerage of Keledon, are styled "Lord" or "Lady" when addressed, with the forms "M'lord" or "M'lady" used by commoners and courtiers alike. Actual titles are used on formal occassions, in correspondence, and so forth. A title gained from Royal Appointment is also often used in conjunction with Lord or Lady. A Noble may also be referred to by the name of his or her holdfast / seat.

For example, Rendar Alens, Duke of Blackmoor and Head of House Alens also sits on the Queen;'s Council as Lord Warden of the Realm. Generally he would be addressed as Lord Rendar or Lord Alens. Slightly more formally, and in his official capacity, he might be addressed as "M'Lord Warden". Informally, he may be called Blackmoor, after his lands. 

The monarch and his or her spouse are the only figures to whom the title "Grace" is applied. Unlike in other lands, such as Akaryth, the possessive "your" is not used (as in, "Your Grace") when addressing the king or queen of Keledon. Instead Keledoni convention is to use a first person plural possessive when addressing the King or Queen--"Our Grace". This is rooted in Keledoni tradition which holds that the monarch's power and authority comes from the common people, the Druids, the nobility, and the Gods ("the roots, the bark, the boughs and the leaves" of Royal oath and titles).

Knights, noble or not, are styled 'Sir' unless another title, such as a noble one, takes precedence. The term is a unisex one in Keledon, although an archaic feminine form, 'Sirra' is sometimes employed as well.

Great HousesEdit

The Great Houses, currenty numbering eleven, are the mightiest and most influential of all the noble houses of Keledon. In terms of military and economic might, they dwarf many of the smaller houses completely. Each has roots stretching far back to the earliest days of the kingdom; some beyond even that.

House Alens (Main Article )


Associated Title: Duke of Blackmoor

Liege: The Crown

Current Head of House: Rendar Alens

Seat: Culain (Blackmoor)

Banner Houses: Aldwyn, Korentin, Lowold, Rickard

Notes: One of the older noble houses. House Alens is highly regarded as a family with a long military tradition; their home has never been taken while they defended it. There is a blood connection with nobility from over the Ironfists , in Akaryth, many generations back, but no current alliances exist between them and their distant cousins. Duke Rendar was a hero during the war that followed the death of Heulyn II's father and was instrumental in restoring her to the throne.

Argawain (Main Article)

Associated Title: Duke of Blackfordshire

Liege: The Crown

Current Head of House: Seldar Argawain<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Seat: Blackford</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Banner Houses: Anyeir, Galdor, Mabon, Mailer, Midcliff</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Notes: Remembered for the treacherous Blackford Rebellion a few generations ago, which resulted in the deaths of most of the members of that particular line. Rule and title passed to a cousin. House Argawain's ancestry is traceable to Sothar kesGalenThe Argawains are a wealthy family and are known for a strict adherence to the social order. They have worked tirelessly to shed the reputation earned by the previous line of the House, but the road remains long yet.</p>


Associated Title Prince of the Black Isle


Liege: The Crown

Current Head of House: Martyn Borudh

Seat: Black Harbour

Banner Houses: Afran, Lioch, Taymon

Notes: The Borudh family made its money, and its fortune, as ship builders and raiders long ago. Today they continue to possess the best facilities for building the kingdom's fleet. The Black Isle, where the House is headquartered, also possesses a well-defended harbour and tends to remain ice-free year round. Borudh's fortunes took a nose dive during Balar's Rebellion; their reluctance to choose a side early on has not been forgotten by Queen Heulyn II. However the heir to the House, Karsum Borudh, has proven himself far more reliable and trustworthy than his father in the eyes of the Queen, and currently serves as Master of Sail on her Council.

Caerwyn (Main Article)


Associated Title: Duke of Cardashire

Liege: The Crown

Current Head of House: Gaenor Caerwyn

Seat: Careton-on-Avenda

Banner Houses: Eddayn, Gwennyl, Mared

Notes: House Caerwyn is a stalwart defender of their lands and the surrounding region of Keledon. Two celebrated fortresses, Carda's Eye and Brand Keep, are both found within the borders of Cardashire and are maintained chiefly by House Caerwyn. As traditional defenders of the kingdom, they are often close allies of House Dreigon, although the two have not always seen eye to eye when it comes to strategy and tactics. The sigil of the House, the goat, represents the mountainous terrain of Cardashire and the surefooted hardiness of the Caerwyns.

Derthion (Main Article)

Associated Title: Prince of Elbana

Liege: The Crown<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Current Head of House: Alysa Derthion</p>

Seat: Waymoon

Banner Houses: Daithal (Lothin), Haleson, Ular

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Notes: One of the few Noble Houses currently led by a woman, House Derthion has a noble history in Elbana, where it descends from the old kings who ruled the region before Sothar's unification of the land. Despite Waymoon's location deep inland it is connected via river with both the capital and the port city of Kalabar. It thereby benefits immensely from the trade between Keledon and the lands further north, such as Sen and the rest of the Sixlands.</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm"></p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Dreigar (Main Article)</p>
Associated Title: Duke of South Avendur

Liege: The Crown

Current Head of House: Brandyr kesDreigar

Seat: Blackhearth

Banner Houses: Cuchlayn (Kylan(, Lorkan, Urdan (Marduch)<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Notes: One of the most noble and ancient bloodlines in the entire kingdom. The House Dreigon was mighty in the land before the days of Sothar, and profited under his rule due to a wise early alliance. The rich lands of South Avendur were bestowed upon the House; their traditional skill in combat and strategy made this grant a wise choice; House Dreigon has since been a stalwart defender of the kingdom, and keeps an eye turned to the east and Cardas Pass. Should the defenders of Brand Keep fail to contain any Akarythean aggression, House Dreigon is always prepared to drive their traditional enemies back. Due to the history associated with this there is little love between the members of House Dreigon and their counterparts across the Ironfists.</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm"></p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Ebethar (Main Article)</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Associated Title: Marquis of Abred
Liege: The Crown<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Current Head of House: Edrick Ebethar</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Seat: Abred (Abred)</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Banner Houses: Mael, Rithyr (Glynn), Tiran</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Notes: Raven-black hair and dark eyes are strongly associated with this House. Its members are often colloquially called 'Ravens'; the term is not a perjorative. House Ebethar has always been strong supporters of the Druids of Keledon, especially those who make their homes in Abred. They maintain close relations with the Borudh of Sothisle as well.</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">The roots of House Ebethar lay far back in the kingdom's history, in the earlier tribal days before Sothar united the kingdom. The Ebethar were a warrior clan, who came to view death in battle as the most glorious and noble of all. Holding the raven as their clan totem, eventually the Ebethar came to view raven-pecked corpses, usually found on the battlefield, as signifying a noble death. Over the years this evolved into the strange funerary custom of the House--leaving the corpses in the open, atop a plinth, and allowing the crows to feast on the dead.</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Halad (Main Article)</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Associated Title: Marquis of Hawksbridge
Liege: The Crown<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Current Head of House: Queen Heulyn II</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Seat: Kindem Hua since becoming the royal family; traditionally, Hawksbridge.</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Banner Houses: Beyran, Eimor, Hedwyn, Merund</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Notes: House Halad is currently the Royal House of Keledon, having assumed such status under Gendar Halad, thereafter known as Gendar IV (d. 1730 AS). The House was originally a common one; its rise to the nobility began in 1498 AS, during the reign of Gendar I. Valiant deeds in battle led to a knighthood for Rath Halad; his son, Koruth, rose to prominence as well and gained the Earldom. Fortuitous marriages and alliances ultimately brought House Halad to the throne.</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Kurdwyn (Main Article)</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Associated Title: Duke of Galwydd
Liege: The Crown<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Current Head of House: Maeglin Kurdwyn</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Seat: Gwynedd (Lothyan)</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Banner Houses: Gwilherm (Sharn), Talfyn (Orayn), Willard</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Notes: House Kurdwyn is very closely allied with House Halad; several marriages reinforce this connection. The Knights of the Griffon have gained some of their greatest members from this House, well-regarded for their loyalty to the Crown and devotion to honour and duty. House Kurdwyn is an old house, but not one of the original ones of Keledon.</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Morym (Main Article)</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Associated Title: Prince of Keldhwen
Liege: The Crown<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Current Head of House: Arthim KesMorym</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Seat: Keldhwen (Gathan)</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Banner Houses: Aradin (Brogan, Buran), Dionne, Leolin</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Notes: An old House, dating back to the earliest days of the Kingdom, and possibly beyond. In the days before Sothar's conquest the Morym were kings in their own land. Today they remain prominent in the kingdom and are often well represented in the monarch's council. The three lions of their standard are said to refer to the Three Lions of Morym, a legendary trio of brothers who accomplished great feats of martial prowess long ago.</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Terwin</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Associated Title: Duke of Southmarch
Liege: The Crown<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Current Head of House: Willem Terwin</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Seat: Oakmotte (Southmarches)</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Banner Houses: Hunter, Longstaff, Magard, Maeleth</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Notes: A House strongly associated with horses and equestrian excellence. The title was originally Marquis of Oakmotte, but after the spread of the kingdom beyond its older northern borders, and the absorbtion of the Southmarches into Keledon proper, the long service of the family was rewarded with a recreation as Duke. The horses of the Southmarches are among the best in the kingdom; the Terwins have an incredible reputation in jousting and horsemanship. The House usually dispatches one of their own to the Knights of the Griffon to serve as Master of Horse.</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Windmere (Main Article)</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Associated Title: Marquis of Kalabar
Liege: The Crown<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Current Head of House: Joryn Windmere</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Seat: Kalabar (Kalabshire)</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Banner Houses: Blackshaw, Ferrick, Holt, Korbin</p>

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Notes: The Windmeres are one of the wealthiest Houses of Keledon. As rulers of the kingdom's chief port and a large shipbuilding industry House Windmere is also well known for shrewd business dealings and a keen diplomatic sense. In this latter capacity they are often called upon to serve the Crown. House Windmere is less known as a military power and generally does not maintain serious land forces. However they do rest at the heart of the kingdom's naval power and in that capacity maintain cordial relations with House Borudh.</p>

Major Houses


Associated Title: Marquis of the Barrows

Liege: House Morym

Current Head of House: Davyd Aradin

Seat: Barrow's Dell (Gwynneth)

Banner Houses: Brogan, Buran

Notes: House Aradin has a well-deserved reputation for caution, and precise, perfect strikes when the moment is right. Their lands in The Haft are rough, rocky, and forested. A great deal of the area's industry relies on that resource.

Their sigil, the owl, represents both their reputation for wisdom and for sudden, vicious strikes against their foes. Their relationship with House Morym is solid and friendy. 


Associated Title: Marquis of the Dogswood 

Liege: House Dreigar

Current Head of House: Osgar Cuchlayn

Seat: Dogswood Motte

Banner Houses: Kylan

Notes: House Cuchlayn is a loyal banner house to House Dreigar, and now control lands nearing the older fortress of Carda's Eye. It's lands to be stony and forested, without producing a great deal of food. However there are some mineral resources within the sope of its holdings that are expoited well enough to keep the family in comfort. THe people tend to harder and more dour than those from other, more welcoming and hospitable parts of the kingdom. The hound, symbol of the House, represents its loyalty and perseverence.


Associated Title: High Earl of Dalen

Liege: House Derthion

Current Head of House: Dunstan Daithal

Seat: Dalen's Green

Banner Houses: Lothin

Notes: House Daithal is one that cleaves well to the Old Ways of the land, honoring the departed and the spirits of the Grey at local stone circles and othe sacred sites. Their close association with lore and history is also a well-known feature of the House; it frequently employs bards and musicians to document important events. Despite their closeness to the Old Ways, House Daithal is not always on the friendliest of terms with the Druids, who they sometimes consider pompous, inflated and completely unneeded.

In token of Daithal's love of music and patronage of bards, its sigil is that of a golden harp, on a field of green and grey, representing the fog shrouded moors of its holdings.



Associated Title: High Earl of Lungard

Liege: House Morym

Current Head of House: Neilham Dionn

Seat: Lungard Castle

Banner Houses:

Notes: House Dionn is an old one, though never a great one. Its lands are found in the Haft, and not far from the Woodmere; the Dionns see themselves as guardians of that sacred site, and take their task very seriously. There are very strong connections between House Dionn and the Druids of the Whitestag, several of which are sons and daughters of the House.


Associated Title: High Earl of Karsrun

Liege: House Caerwyn

Current Head of House: MIkar Eddayn

Seat: Karston

Banner Houses:

Notes: Known for swift justice and a strong adherence to the social order, House Eddayn's guiding pinciples are well inline with those of its Liege. Always known for making its own decisions, House Eddayn's support of Seldhe during Balar's Rebellion had little to do with the suport of House Caerwyn and more to do with a deep investigation into the legal issues of both claims. House Eddayn chose the side it felt had the most legally supportable claim to the throne, and none else. In the end, the decision was a wise one, and House Eddayn rose from an Earldom to a High Earldom, increasing its standing within the kingdom. The House's sigil, scales of justice, represent their allegiance to the principle, while its red and gold field--the national colors--remind all of their support of the monarch.


Associated Title: Marquis of Whitemare Island

Liege: House Halad

Current Head of House: Mylle Eimor

Seat: Whitemare Rock

Banner Houses:

Notes: A loyal banner house to House Halad, House Eimor's lands are found in a small, rocky patch of islands off the eastern coast of the Kingslands. There it provides shipbuilding services and marine transportation for the Crown, apart from House Windmere. It is presumed that many royal spies and couriers make use of Eimor boats to preserve a greater sense of secrecy. The lighthouse, sigil of House Eimor, is a token of its marine past and reliance on the sea for its livelihood.


Associated Title: High Earl of Leagard

Liege: House Kurdwyn

Current Head of House: Maynard Gwilherm

Seat: Leagard

Banner Houses: Sharn

Notes: House Gwilherm has, over the last century and a half, greatly improved its standing among the kingdom's nobility, rising from Baron to Count, and onto Earl and then the High Nobility in three generations. House Gwilherm has no illusions about the advantages of hooking its proverbial wagon to the Kurdwyn star, and has wisely, and sparingly, used its relationship with that House, and its closeness to the Royal House, Halad, to its own advantage.

House Gwilherm took as its sigil two crossed swords over a bloody sun, representing its deep respect for honor in war and its prowess on the battlefield. The boody sun remembers the days the ancient ancestors of the House fought in the Battle of Hawksbridge.


Associated Title: High Earl of Ebondale

Liege: House Dreigar

Current Head of House: Arold Lorkan

Seat: Ebondale

Banner Houses:

Notes: One of House Dreigar's banner Houses, House Lorkan has a reputation for sterness bordering on cruelty. It is certain that crime is almost non-existent in their holdings, but House Dreigar has, on more than one accassion, found itself having to intervene in excessively harsh measures undertaken by Lorkan. In recent years Lorkan seems to have settled down, but years of peace likely only mask the brutal thirst for blood for which Lorkan is well-known.


Associated Title: Marquis of Dansbury

Liege: House Argawain

Current Head of House: Hewitt Mailer

Seat: Dansbury Castle

Banner Houses: 

Notes: House Mailer gained its early fortune in smithing some of the most excellent chainmail in the kingdom--hence it's name. It's rise into the Low Nobility began with this craft, and they soon began to work gold and silver as well. The House rose into the High Nobility when its skill at working metals led to its appointment as the Royal Minter, under Gendar IV . Through means above or below board, House Mailer prospered like never before, retaining their position for generations. Today, the House remains in charge of minting the royal currency; they are notably attempting to form a closer bond with Joryn Windmere , Marquis of Kalabar and Master of the Purse .



Associated Title: Marquis of Moreg 

Liege: House Terwin

Current Head of House: Erik Megard

Seat: Moreg

Banner Houses:

Notes: With lands found far from the capital, in the rough lands of Southern Sen, House Megard is a House of the kingdom's extreme frontier. There it leads a restless period of peaceful cooperation between the Keledoni and the small pockets of Sennish who still live there--often of a seperatist bend.



Associated Title: Prince of Eddaran

Liege: The Crown

Current Head of House: Rand Merund

Seat: Eddathan

Banner Houses:

Notes: House Merund's lands are far from the Kingslands, yet it pledges fealty directly to the Crown, and House Halad. Rand Merund is a stern and silent warrior, well educated in a number of differe topics. While he spent time living and studying among the Druids, there is no evidence of a particularly close relationship between them today.


Associated Title: High Earl of Brackenvale

Liege: House Ebethar

Current Head of House: Evard Rithyr

Seat: Bracken Hall

Banner Houses: Glynn

Notes: House Rithyr was much smaller two generations ago, but was adroitly led through the turmoil of the last century. An advantageous marriage with a daughter of House Lanthar positioned House Rithyr to absorb some of that House's lands and holdings, straddling the vaster holdings of Houses Derthion and Ebethar, when Lanthar was destroyed during Balar's Rebellion.

The ancient ancestors of House Rithyr were traditional rivals of the Ravens of Ebethar. Those days are centuries past, however, and there remains a friendly relationship between members of the two houses.

Rithyr's sigil, three golden keys, refer to the massive, triple gated fortress within which the House makes its home. Braken Tower is built around sleep slopes and crags, making it one of the more well-defended holdings in the kingdom.


Associated Title: Marquis of Bransdale

Liege: House Kurdwyn

Current Head of House: Hugh Talfyn

Seat: Bransdale

Banner Houses: Orayn

Notes: House Talfyn is close to the Old Ways of doing things, and close to the Druids of the realm as well. They venerate local gods and spirits related to their orchards and agricultural produce; honey and thus mead are key products in the holding. THe House is not one known for its martial aggressiveness or might, but instead enjoys a very settled and quiet existence. House Talfyn's lands are incredibly fertile and provide  rich and bountiful harvests nearly every year.


Associated Title: High Earl of Tirmaog

Liege: House Ebethar

Current Head of House: Mathad Tiran

Seat: Tirmaoc

Banner Houses:

Notes: House Tiran occupies some of the most fertile farmland in all of the kingdom, located within the heart of the Dalelands. Like its Leige, House Tiran is sometimes thought of as morbid;y preoccupied with death by others. For Tiran, this is because of their traditional emphasis on the harvest season, and defiant bonfires held through the darkness of Longest Night.

<p class="MsoNormal">Ular</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Associated Title: High Earl of OakfordLiege: House Derthion</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Current Head of House: Maegin kesUlar</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Seat: Oakford Bridge</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Banner Houses:</p>

Notes: House Ular was founded, according to legend, by a Druid who had left the Order, returning to a life he had forsaken. The truth of this story is unknown, but doubtful. Be that as it may, House Ular is highly represented within the kingdom’s Druidic priesthood, and Maeglin kesUlar consults his court druid regularly.


Associated Title: High Earl of Sturmond 

Liege: House Dreigar

Current Head of House: Holder Urdan

Seat: Sturmond Tower

Banner Houses: Marduch

Notes: House Urdan has a reputation for fierceness in battle and an indominable spirit in the face of all opposition. This hot-headedness tends to spill over into most of their dealings. However, while they are quick to anger, they are equally quick to forget, especially when their own tempers were the culprit. Urdan's seat of power, Sturmond, is a well-built stronghold with direct access to major waterways, linking it directly to the holdings of their leige, House Dreigar.

Minor HousesEdit

The Barons Mendicant (Main Article )Edit

The Barons Medicant, that is, the Barons of Houses Aldwyn, Blackshaw, Beyran and Haleson came into their positions when Heulyn II came to the throne. See their article for their particulars.


Associated Title: Baron of Gull Harbor

Liege: House Borudh

Current Head of House: Ormund Afran

Seat: Gull Harbor

Notes: A minor House of the Islands, behiolden to House Borudh. Like al the Island Houses, Afran has a tradition of seamanship and reliance on the sea. Afran is one of the kingdom's newer Houses, having attained its position by lending great assistance to the Crown in it's dealing with Akartha privateers. Afran's sigil represents their stong oceaninc defenses and the golden shores of Gull Harbor, surrmounded by a stone crown representing their mastery of their isle.



Associated Title: Baron of Aldwyn

Liege: House Alens

Current Head of House: Theo Aldwyn

Seat: Aldwyn

Notes: The most celebrated leader of the Lowborn Militias, Theo Aldwyn was twice wounded in Balar's Rebellion. Son of a blacksmith, Theo proved capable enough as a warrior and stories spread of his skill and ferocity with a great hammer. Theo has remained true to his roots as a Baron, and is popular with the commoners who now reside under his rule. His sigil represents the wild forests and hunting  that have shaped his life. He is one of the four Barons Mendicant.


Associated Title: Earl of the Rockford

Liege: Argawain

Current Head of 'House'Thom Anyeir

Seat: Rockford

Notes: A banner house of the Argawains, House Anyeir has carefully nagivated its way through the thorny relationship between its Liege House and the Crown. The compass rose, the House's sigil, speaks to its history as a family of exploration and cartography. The Anyeirs often send their sons to study for a period abroad, among the teachers of the Three Jewels or west to the Sixlunds.


Associated Title: Baron of Ravensdale 

<p style="margin-top:0.4em;margin-bottom:0.5em;">Liege: House Halad</p>

Current Head of 'House'Alrik Beyran 

Seat: Ravensdale

Notes: House Beyran came into its position when Alrik Beyran and three of his friends assembled and led the Lowborn Militia during Balar's Rebellion. He became thereafter one of the Barons Mendicant. Of the four barons, Alrik became closest to Seldhe before her coronation. Thus, the lands given him are in the Southlands, not far from the capital itself, and just beyond the border of the Kingslands in Hawksbridge. As the son of a smith, Beyran has supported that craft as a member of the Low Nobiity, and is gaining a reputation for the production of quality steel weapons.


Assocaited Title: Baron of the Blackshaws

<p style="margin-top:0.4em;margin-bottom:0.5em;">Liege: House Windmere</p>

Current Head of 'House'Jord Blackshaw

Seat: The Blackshaws (between Kindem Hua and Kalabar).

Notes: Granted lands not far from where he grew up, Jord Blackshaw, as First Baron of the Blackshaws, has deveoped good reationships with both his liege, House Windmere of Kalabar, and the near by Baron of Knightshome, Lord Commander of the Knights of the Griffon. He is a known supporter of the Order and its aims, and has been recenty honoured with invitations to the yearly gathering of its Knights. Jord Blackshaw was a leader of the Lowborn Militia, and is one of the Barons Mendicant. As such he enjoys a sterling reputation among the common folk, and a strong relationship with the Crown.



Associated Title: Baron of Woodwalk

Liege: House Aradin

Current Head of 'House'Welsford Brogan

Seat: Madershill

Notes: House Brogan is of minor importance, but serves as a Banner House to Aradin. Welsford Brogan is a man well past his prime, but in his youth was famed as one of the best archers in the kingdom. The sigil of his House had always been an arrow, but after becoming the first man to win the Champion's Purse in archery three times in a row, he added arrows to his sigil in honour of his achievement. House Brogan is ambitious, but lacks the real resources needed to advance itself.

The House is also one that has difficulty gaining and maintaining allies; diplomacy has never been its strong suit, and currently the House is best suited as a minor one.


Associated Title: Count of Highmoon

Liege: House Aradin

Current Head of 'House': Elinora Buran

Seat: Highmoon

Notes: A banner house of House Aradin, and thus House Morym in its time, House Buran is known for a stong association with the Lady of the Moon and the Druids of the land. The current Lady of the house, Elinora Buran, Countess of Highmoon, is an able and skillful leader and has worked tirelessly to pursue a policy of neutrality in the dealings of the other Houses. As a banner House this has been a far more difficult challenge, but one to which the Countess has risen admirably. 


Associated Title: Count of Elsforge

Liege: House Windmere

Current Head of House: Ulger Ferrick

Seat: Elsford

Notes: House Ferrick's holdings lie along the southern side of the Order of the Griffon 's holdings in Knightshome, and north from those of its leige, House Windmere in Kalabar . Along this wilder stretch of hilly and wooded land, House Ferrick guards the western edge of more settled lands from the wilder lands leading to the sea. It's sigil, a lynx, represents its sure footed and solitary nature.


Associated Title: Baron of Cockscrow

Liege: House Argawain

Current Head of HouseTheodric Galdor

Seat: Cockscrow Hall

Notes: In days long past House Galdor was a much more noble and powerful family, House Gladen. A series of bad decisions and hard times completely decimated the family's fortunes, and left it in the poorhouse, and bereft of honor. Finally wiped out in a plague in the late 1700s AS, the fortunes of the House passed to a cousin, who was created Baron of Cockscrow in place of the previous Earldom of House Gladen. In the following century, House Galdor has worked to restore itself to a better position, and is now poised to be one of the up-and-coming minor Houses of the next century.


Associated Title: Earl of Wolf's Rock


Liege: House Rithyr

Current Head of House: Joren Glynn

Seat: Wolf's Rock

Notes: The holdings of the venerable House Glynn are covered in pine forests, which give rise to the coloring of the House's standard. A white wolf, symbolising the family's seat and its dogged pursuit of its aims, completes the standard. House Glynn is a banner house to House Rithyr, and thus onwards to House Ebethar.


Associated Title: Count of Eagle's Rock

Liege: House Caerwyn

Current Head of 'House'Roland Gwenyl

Seat: Eagle's Rock

Notes: A small House, whose lands are tough and rocky and population small. However House Gwenyl is a loyal and devoted banner House to Caerwyn, and oversees the southern approach to Cardas Pass. For its sigil the House has taken the surefooted and feaeless mountain goat, presented over a pattern representing a mountain and the clear blue skies above it.

House Gwenyl has worked slowly, but tirelessly, to enhance the already considerable natural defenses of their holdings. They are known to be nearly unrivalled in their grasp of alpine strategy and tactics.


Associated Title: Baron of Fellcrow

<p style="margin-top:0.4em;margin-bottom:0.5em;">Liege: House Derthion</p>

Current Head of 'House'Wil Haleson

Seat: Fellcrow

Notes: Known as 'The Night Wolf' during Balar's Rebellion, Wil Haleson took that animal as his House's sigil. He has proven to be a stern and grim but just lord, treating those living under him as family, and fiercely defending those under his protection. He is also well known for his incredibly loyalty to the Crown; many whisper that this member of the Barons Mendicant has always pined away for Seldhe, who, as Queen, is well beyond his reach.

House Haleson makes its fortune from some of the quarries and mines formerly controlled by House Lanthar, which was wiped out in Balar's Rebellion. Rewarded with some of that House's lands, Wil Haleson, First Baron of Fellcrow, has erected a well-built and powerful series of defenses within his land, greatly improving them and becoming closer to House Derthion, a daughter of which he took as wife. 


Associated Title: Earl of Arborsfell

Liege: House Halad

Current Head of 'House'Edmon Hedwyn

Seat: Arborsfield

Notes: House Hedwyn is one of the Queen's own banner Houses, its lands lying near the capital in the rich belt of the Kingslands. The wealth of the House comes from its agricultural output, which has led to its sigil--a great bundle of wheat against a field of gold and green--colours of fertility and bountiful harvest. Many of the farmers and other peasants within Hedwy's holdings adhere to much purer, more ancient beliefs concerning agriculture and the Gods. Longeet Night, and the harvest festivals, are elaborately observed there.


Associated Title: Baron of Blackdeep Bay

Liege: House Windmere

Current Head of 'House': Willmot Holt

Seat: Blackdeep Landing

Notes: House Holt is one of the maine families with a long tradition of settlement in and around the Islands. While the other similar Houses have made their fortunes through shipping, especially by participating in the affairs of House Windmere, Holt has instead been a house of naval and marine might, known for small and speedy craft and sometime privateering. Rumors of piracy in the ancestral halls of House Holt are widespread, but unproven and largely ignored and unaddressed by the family.


Associated Title: Count of Kaidin

Liege: House Terwin

Current Head of House: Reynard Hunter

Seat: Kaidin Hall

Notes: House Hunter began as a common house; a little more than a century ago, the Lady Terwin and her party were driven off and lost when a sudden storm came raging down from the Ironfists. Martyn Hunter, the great-grandfather of the current Count of Kaidin, happened across the party. Being well acquainted with the land, and living off it, he was instrumental in saving the Lady and returning her home. His reward was to be appointed a squire to a son of Terwin. He later earned his own knighthood, and a Barony. HIs grandson's efforts earned the family a bump up to lords of a county. The Hunters remain bannermen of House Terwin, but often disagree with the decisions of their lieges.

Knights' Rest

Associated Title: Baron of Knightshome, Lord Commander of the Knights of the Griffon

Liege: The Crown

Current Head of House: Gwareth KesGladen

Seat: Castle Griffon

Notes: The House of Knights' Rest is not a House in the sense of a hereditary unit. Rather, it is an order of knighthood, sworn to the Crown alone. The Lord Commander of the Order oversees the lands with which the Order was vested, the Barony of Knghtshome, and bears, therefore the title and its privliges. Upon the death of the title's holder it passes to the next Lord Commander, not by lines of blood.


Associated Title: Baron of Doesbrook

Liege: House Windmere

Current Head of House: Geoff Korbin

Seat: Stagshall

Notes: House Korbin is a pastoral, and rural House. Left to its own devices, it would remain so, quietly, enjoying the simple country life that appeals to the members of the family, as well as its subjects. However, as bannermen of House Windmere, one of the Great Houses of Keledon, this dream is nothing more than that. House Korbin has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in livestock and wool.


Associated Title: Count of Greymoor 

Liege: House Alens

Current Head of 'House'Orrost Korentin

Seat: The Greymoor

Notes: The Green Knight of House Korentin has been a familiar companion of the Brown Bear of House Alens on many a battlefield, and in many a skirmish. Originating as an offshoot of House Alens, Korentin has developed a similar reputation for ferocity in battle and honor in peace. Orrist Korentin is a young man, not yet out of his twenties, and remains yet hotheaded.


Associated Title: Baron of 

Liege: House Cuchlayn

Current Head of House: Odard Kylan

Seat: Cuchlan Delve

Notes: A banner house of Cuchlayn, and hence Dreigar, House Kylan takes its traditional role as guardians against Akaryth and men of Avendur seriously.  The seven pointed star of their standard represents the seven great rivers that flow through Avendur, most uniting on their jouney towards the sea. The House makes its home in Cuchlan Delve, a small castle built over an exhausted salt mine abandoned years ago. The family maintains a crypt within the old mine.


Associated Title: Baron of Kells Run

Liege: House Morym

Current Head of House: Ulster Leolin

Seat: Kell's Run

Notes: House Leolin has a reputation for stern justice and a grim demeanor. They are also known for absolute ferocity when it comes to revenge. This ferocity is matched only by House Leolin's willingness to suffer injury if victory is thereafter certain. The House's standard, two red cockatrices, reflects this self-destructive bend.


Associated Title: Count of Alastar Isle

Liege: House Borudh

Current Head of House: Wyon Loich

Seat: Alaster Harbor

Notes: Controlling the whole of Alaster Isle, House Loich is a marine House, making its living from the sea and from trade with the people of the mainland. The wetter, rainier climate of the Islands has made the people of Alaster Isle dour and stoic, but also well-known for lively musical celebrations. Most of the people of the Islands are skilled boatmen; the members of House Loich pride themselves on it. Their sigil, two fish, represent their reliance on the sea. The backing colors of green and white represent the ocean and its breaking waves.



Associated Title: Count of Stonefall

Liege: House Terwin

Current Head of House: Edrick Longstaff

Seat: Stonefall Keep

Notes: House Longstaff is relatively new to the nobility, having risen to it during the reign of Gendar IV. The House was named for a long walking stick famously carried everywhere by its founder, and not due to any sordid claims made by the House's sons. As a banner house of the Terwins, House Longstaff is a vigilant one, keeping a watchful eye towards Cardas Pass and Brand Keep.They are known to have occassional dealings with the Hrogar beyond the kingdom's northern borders as well.


Associated Title: Baron of Fairglen

Liege: House Daithal 

Current Head of House: Miles Lothin

Seat: Fairglen

Notes: House Lothin has been a long standing banner house of the Daithals, and thus House Derthion. It's roots in Elbanashire are very old, and very deep, running back as far as Sothar's day and the birth of the kingdom. It's sigil, a goose, represents its association with river ways and waterfowl. The Lothins are accomplished freshwater boaters and plyers of the kingdom's waterways.


Associated Title: Baron of Steersley

Liege: House Alens

Current Head of House: Gylbard Lowold

Seat: Redhorn Hall

Notes: House Lowold, as its sigil indicates, is a pastoral family, well-known for the quality of the wool it produces (making them competitors with House Korbin), its leather goods, and stoneware. Like all the banner houses of House Alens, House Lowold's lands are located in the Reach of Culain. Their might is less military than some other Houses, but they've remarkable material and logistic support to lend to their fellows.



Associated Title: Earl of Theohen

Liege: House Argawain

Current Head of House: Gerard Mabon

Seat: Theohen

Notes: A House whose weath is in its fields, and especially its vineyards, which produce some fine whites and reds. House Mabon also makes a steady income from taxation along major routes in the kingdom.



Associated Title: Count of the Duskwood

Liege: House Ebethar

Current Head of House: Arend Mael

Seat: Duskwood Hall

Notes: The lands of House Mael arre found on the edges of the Haft, encompassing dark, pine forests and the slopes of the kingdom's central mountains. The House's sigil, a bat, lends weight to its ominous reputation. similar to that of it's liege.


Associated Title: Earl of Foxwood

Leige: House Terwin

Current Head of 'House'Godfrey Maeleth

Seat: Foxwood 

Notes: Taking for their sigil the fox of their holding's name, House Maeleth has endured many ups and downs since becoming a noble House several centuries ago. It has frequently backed the wrong sides in major events within the kingdom, often not due to its own choices. During Balar's Rebellion, House Maeleth's vows of feallty to House Terwin drew it into battle on the losing side. This has certainly hurt the House's standing. During peaceful times, however, Maeleth shines, and shows a smooth and sly hand at negotiation and deal-making.

While it's relationship with House Terwin appears solid, it's no secret that Maeleth is an ambitious House, and strives to overcome the errors of its past.



Asociated Title: Baron of Tornhill

Liege: House Urdan

Current Head of House: Alan Marduch

Seat: Tornhill

Notes: Strong as a bull, and just as stubborn. The sigil of House Marduch suits its character. The bull is a prominent symbol not only of the House but also of the local people. The region is well known for the meat and dairy products it sells, and for its wild berries.


Associated Title: Count of Hakeswill

Leige: House Caerwyn

Current Head of 'House'Clerbold Mared

Seat: Hakeswill Hall

Notes: House Mared improved its fortunes during Balar's Rebellion by immediately abandoning its loyalty to its former liege, House Terwin, and coming into the fold of the eventually-victorious supporters of Seldhe, now Heulyn II. Elevated from Baron to Count, Ander Mared led his House into a period of expansion and growth under the aegis of their new liege, House Caerwyn.

At the end of his life Ander's eldest son, Clerbold, became the second Count Hakeswill, but is better known by his nickname, the sigil-inspired "Red Hound (of Mared)". He earned the moniker for his stern sense of justice; it's said that no criminal escapes justice in the lands of the Red Hound, whose ability to sniff out traitors and hiding fugitives borders on the legendary.

<p class="MsoNormal">Midcliff </p>


<p class="MsoNormal">Associated Title: Count of Midcliff</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Liege: House Argawain</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Current Head of House: Ander Midcliff</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Seat: Sandford Keep</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Notes: House Midcliff was once far more prominent and powerful. During the failed Blackford Rebellion, when House Argawain rose up against the Crown, Midcliff support their lieges zealously. The end of the war brought a cleansing of House Argawain; it’s line was slaughtered and the leadership of the House passed to a cousin of the deceased Duke. Midcliff suffered a lighter fate—the last Marquis of Midcliff was executed, as were his eldest two sons. The holdings remaining to his son were reduced to a county, and Midcliff has remain thus, reduced, in the following years.</p>



Associated Title: Baron of Redwell

Liege: Houae Talfyn

Current Head of House: Matt Orayn

Seat: Redwell

Notes: House Orayn is noted for its emphasis on learning and lore; so much so  that a book is its sigil. To this end it often hosts bards, Druids, and other learned individuals within its halls. House Orayn does not limit its thirst for knowledge to matters of sprirituality or history; they are equally keen on tactics, strategy and economics.



Associated Title: Baron of Forham

Liege: House Alens

Current Head of House: Ethar Rikard

Seat: Forham Castle

Notes: House Rikard believes in order and efficiency, and conducts all its affairs according to that philosophy. To that end, an ant serves as the House's sigil. A smaller House, and dwarfed before its liege, the Great House Alens, Rikard's influence in the kingdom is as small as its sigil. However its shrewd sense of business and resourcefulness is beginning to draw notice.

<p class="MsoNormal"></p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Sharn</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Associated Title:  Baron of Ashglade

<p class="MsoNormal">Liege: House Gwilherm</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Current Head of House: Joyse Sharn</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Seat: Ashglade</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Notes: House Sharn is a small House, a banner house to a banner house. It’s current head is the ambitious and personable Baroness Joyse Sharn, who is applying all her formidable abilities towards the advancement of her House. </p>


Associated Title: Baron of Harts' Run

Liege: House Borudh

Current Head of House: Gill Taymon

Seat: Harts' Run

Notes: The sigil of the House, a fish on blue and white, hearkens to the history of the family and its subjects. While part of the Islands, some of its holdings are found on the mainland. The House has a long history with the water, both the salty sea and the freshwater river delta where its mainland holdings are found.

WHile Taymon is a loyal retainer to House Borudh their relationship has not always been smooth. Currently Gill Taymon, Baron of Harts' Run, has been pushing for a greater share of profits from fishing and transportation. He has done so loudly and publically. How this will affect his relationship with House Borudh is unknown.


<p class="MsoNormal">Associated Title:  Count of Yorick

<p class="MsoNormal">Liege: House Kurdwyn</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Current Head of House: Jorin Willard</p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Seat: Yorick  </p>

<p class="MsoNormal">Notes: House Willard fancies itself the undisputed brewmaster of Keledon. It may well be right. Willard ales are found throughout the kingdom, and recently have begun to develop an interest in other parts of Amallon. The House is known for a biannual tourney it holds in Yorick on Endless Day.</p>

Sigils of the Noble Houses of Keledon

The national, and royal standards, as well as some of the Great and Major Houses are found below:


At the top left is the golden falcon on red that represents the kingdom itsef. Next to that is the personal standard of Queen Heulyn II, followed by the royal version of the national standard used in state occassions. House Halad, the Queen's own, is displayed next, followed by some of the Keledoni Houses, incliuding the Great Houses Alens, Caerwyn, Cuchlayn, Derthion, Dreigar, Ebethar and Kurdwyn.


The sigils of the remaining Great Houses, Morym, Terwin and Windmere. Also, the sigils of the knightly Orders of the Black Stag and the Griffon, as well as the Major Houses Rithyr, Talfyn and Urdan.