Lithend is the most mountainous and difficult to navigate of the Sixlunds. Most of the lands making up the realm are found in the foothills of the Lithendi Mountains, and then within the mountainous region itself. A great deal of the realm's heartland is found along a great and sweeping plateau.


The Lithendi standard is a black field on which are a series of chevrons, representing the mountainous homeland of its people. Over this is a red tower, with three spires surmounting it. The tower represents Redhold, the great mountain fortress of Lithend, and the three spires the three great mountain peaks that run along the innermost border of the realm.


The entire land is found at a greater elevation than the other members of the Confederacy. Mountains and hills predominate throughout, broken only by the wide stretch of the Thand Plateau, on which is found the Redhold and other smaller settlements. The three great peaks of the realm, and ther hills, are rich in minerals and metals, which are mined by the Lithendi. Much of the principality's water comes from melting snows and winter run-offs.


The Lithendi have adapted well to their mountainous habitat, often building villages and towns within larger cave systems, or expanding existing ones by hand. The Redhold, their most puissant keep, is itself fashioned from a hollowed-out spire of rock, colored as red as blood. Mining, smithcraft and mountain living are central parts of their culture and lifestyle, and the Lithendi enjoy sporting and hunting in their alpine environment. Sheep and goats are more common as livestock than cows, and wollen cothing is most common, typically long sleeves, trousers and dresses, generally in muted tones.

The colder climes of their homeland have lead to a tendency for long hair among both men and women, and long beards and moustaches among the former. They tend toward pale skin tones as well, seeing less light than most due to the cold and the subterranean living spaces many occupy. Color-blindness is more common among them than other peoples.

The national art of the Lithendi is the baradag, a combination of singing and dancing that is performed between groups of men and women. It is lively and joyful, and often appears at weddings, feasts and other big events.