Karsum Borudh is the current Prince of the Black Isle, Marquis of Black Harbor, Count of Sea Spray and Baron of the Crest Isle, and Lord of House Borudh of Keledon.. He also serves on the Royal Council as Master of Sail under Queen Heulyn II He also rules The Isles, one of the kingdom's Reaches, in the name of the Crown


Karsum is a dour and grim man, but unlike many of his people, is said to have a strong sense of humor and is said to have a stern but fair sense of justice. His is not one of the more wealthy Great Houses, but its naval might is unparalleled in the kingdom, and its ships ensure the safety of many Keledoni merchant vessels.

Birth and Early Life Edit

Karsum Borudh was born on Longest Night, 1839 AS. From an early age he, like other Islanders, learned how to sail, fish, and make a living from the waves. He preferred to spend his time among sailors and mariners, and was not keenly interested in the lessons he was expected to learn as a noble son.

A strained relationship with his father during his adolescence led him to leave the Isles, spending the next three years under an assumed name, working the ships plying the seas of Maraseri. A conscience eventually drew him home again, and he took his proper place as his father's heir, the relationship between them no longer strained.

During the following few years, Karsum steadfastly resisted pressure from his father to marry, like his younger brothers had


already done.

Head of His House Edit

Karsum became Prince of the Black Isle upon the death of his father in 1869 AS. As such, he has been able to parley his contacts among sailors, privateers and pirates into ensuring very safe passage for ships flying the banner of his family. This, of course, has led to some enterprising individuals flying the flag falsely; House Borudh looks down upon this practice, and has filled its jails at times with offenders.

Karsum's financial sense is far stronger than that of his father or grandfather, and he is far shrewder at negotiating contracts and protection agreements with other Houses than they were. Due to this, House Borudh has begun to reverse it's fortunes. Recognizing that the Isles have little to offer in terms of agriculture, textiles or mineral wealth, Karsum has begun to demand what he considers fair prices for his House's services. Now that larger amounts of gold are flowing into his coffers, he has turned his attention to eliminating debts incurred by his ancestors.

While Karsum remains unmarried, several Major Houses have been openly courting his favor through marriage; chief among them have been Houses Mailer and Eimor.

House Borudh is the only noble House allowed to land vessels on the shores of Capel Derwydd, and even then only with permission, and only at one small port. Due to a desire to preserve this privilege, Borudh has recently forbidden establishment of any temples or churches of The High Path on the Isles, with the exception of temples of Saint Bashar, patron of sailors and mariners.