Located on the southern coast of Keledon, Kalabar is a major port city for the kingdom. Heavy river traffic also comes through the city, as the capital (Kindem Hua) lies 100 miles or so upstream.

Kalabar is also the home of sub rosa organized crime groups who profit from the vice associated with sailors and the profiteering available due to heavy trade and mercantilism in the city.

In addition to its importance as a port city, Kalabar also serves as seat of government for Kalabarshire, the southern region of the kingdom in which the city is found. Kalabarshire is one of the oldest fiefdoms within Keledon; traditionally close ties have existed between the Marquis of Kalabar and the Crown. In recent years these relations have become strained over disputes concerning taxation of trade and river activity.

The City

Kalabar hugs the coast where river and ocean meet. The city is a fortified one, surrounded by a thick wall broken only by gates and two keeps.

The northwestern portion of the city is occupied by Windmere Castle, ancestral home of House Windmere. The castle is surrounded by a circular curtain wall that is attached directly to the city walls. South of the curtain wall are two great bailies, the East Bailey and the West. North of the curtain wall is the North Bailey, which opens out upon the farmlands surrounding Kalabar.


Kalabar is currently ruled by Joryn Windmere, Marquis of Kalabar. He resides within Windmere Castle.