House Terwin is one of the Great Houses of Keledon's nobility. They are the lords and rulers of the Marches, the northernmost Reach of the kingdom, and the buffer between it and the conquered province of Southern Sen.

Based in the ages-old fortified town of Oakmotte, House Terwin has long had a reputation for hot-headedness and defiance. During Balar's Rebellion the House originally supported Balar's claim to the throne. However the capture of Maeg Terwin in late summer, 1861 AS, and the defeat of its remaining forces in


1862, House Terwin brokered a peace with Seldhe Halad, and subsequent material support, ensuring they survived the rebellion's outcome.

House Terwin's lands are well-known as the source of the best horses in the kingdom, and the Terwins are undisputed masters of equestrian arts. Certain breeds are jealously guarded by the Terwins, who do not allow their purchase,owning or breeding by others not of the House.

The current ruler of the House is Willem Terwin. The position Master of Horse on the Royal Council was eliminated by Queen Heulyn II, possibly as a snub to House Terwin's support of rebellion. The duties of the position were folded into that of Lord Warden.

However, traditionally, the House sends one of its lesser sons to the Order of the Griffon, to serve as Master of the Horse for the Order.

Standard Edit

House Terwin's standard is that of a brown stallion rearing on a checkered field of red and gold. The horse itself often serves as a symbol of the House, and appears wrought in jewelry, embroidered on clothing, or painted on shields and other objects.

Titles and Standing Edit

The Lord or Lady of House Terwin is the Duke of the Southmarch, Prince of Shatterskull, First Earl of Fleetrun and Baron of the Narrows.

House History in Brief Edit

House Terwin has long been a part of the horsemen of the Marches. Found so far from the capital, the Marches were one of the last parts of the kingdom to join the peace of the Crown. The House has always been aware of its power as a producer of fine war horses and cavalry, but the rest of the kingdom is less flat and amenable to mounted combat than the Marches themselves.

House Terwin's roots lie in their ancient clan. When Sothar united the clans and created the kingdom, Clan Thayrwind and its chief were given dominion over the Marches. His line gave rise to House Terwin, who have remained rulers of the Reach for the majority of the time since.

When the Northmarches were added to the kingdom, the warriors of House Terwin, and their horses, were instrumental in the victory. This led to the House's elevation, and recreation of their authority as a duchy.

The conquered province of Southern Sen, long now a holding of the kingdom, is often pacified by House Terwin when need arises.

In 1860 AS, when Balar's Rebellion broke out, House Terwin supported his claim to the throne over that of his niece, Seldhe. By the summer of 1861, the fortunes of the rebels were beginning to turn. Maeg Terwin was captured in battle, and held hostage. The defeat of Terwin's remaining forces in 1862 led the House to surrender, earning Maeg his freedom again. Wisely offering material and military support to Selde, Maeg was able to preserve his House and its position.

Upon his death in 1867 AS, his son Willem became the new Duke of the Southmarch.