House Dreigar is one of the oldest of Keledon's noble lines, with roots predating the foundation of the kingdom. When the first king of a united Keledon, Sothar, began his conquest of the peninsula, he found the ancestors of today's Dreigar to be stalwart and unflinching opponents. He brought them into the fold through treaty and negotiationn, wisely choosing not to face them in their familiar, rocky homeland. Their support proved key to Sothar's later efforts to quell the northern and northwestern regions of the land.

Appointed thereafter to the high nobility by Sothar himself, House Dreigar has remained in its lofty position in the nearly
ten centuries since.


The sigil of House Dreigar is a great grey dragon, to dexter, on a divided field of black and red. The dragon has always been the symbol of the family, and it accurately represents the House's great and wide reaching influence, military might, and undisputed position.

The House TodayEdit

Today the House is the undisputed master of the Reach of South Avendur, a wide stretch of grassland and well-watered plains running up against the foothills and slopes of the Ironfist Mountains. In conjunction with its ally, House Caerwyn, it administers the Keledoni side of Cardas Pass.

Under the capable and skillful leadership of Brandyr kesDreigar, current Duke of South Avendur, the House has prospered and entered a period of expanded influence and might. For a period of years he served as Lord Warden of the Realm during the reign of Queen Heulyn's predecessor, then spent a period as interim High Chancellor during Seldhe's struggle for the thone.

Under Heulyn's rule Brandyr has returned home to concentrate on the exapnsion of his family's heartlands. The traditional home of the House is a great fortress, Blackhearth, that occupies a strong position in the foothills of the Ironfists. Brandyr has expanded the defenses of the castle, as well as its internal system of catacombs.

House Dreigar has a reputation for grim nobility and loyalty. They expect the same from their bannermen; this has led to some recent tensions with House Lorkan, which tends to employ harsher and more brutal methods than the Duke of South Avendur is willing to permit.