House Derthion is an ancient one, whose roots are royal. In the days before Sothar's unification of Keledon the House had ruled the Reach of Elbana in their own names. They have done so consistently since in the name of the Crown.

Derthion's lands, together with the Haft and the Dalelands, form the most ancient heart of the kingdom in terms of Keledoni culture, tradition and history. Derthion's lands are closest to those of Sothar's clan, and those of his royal descendents, and they have generally been good allies of his House. This loyalty, so far, has continued on to his blood in House Halad.

The current head of the House is Lady Alysa Derthion, Princess of Elbana, Marquess of the Hollows, Earl of Maplerun and Vicountess of Yews Grove.


The boar has always been the symbol of House Derthion, and their traditional
gathering place near Waymoon is known as Boar's Rock. The boar is typically displayed proper, that is, in its natural brown color. The boar forms a badge on clothing, embroidered or patched; as a motif in jewelry; and a decoration in architecture and all manner of crafts.

Used as a standard the boar's head is usually displayed on a field of green, on which a black bend sinister sits.

Titles and StandingEdit

The Head of House Derthion is the Prince of Elbana, as well as the Marquis of the Hollows, Earl of Maplerun and Vicount of Yews Grove.

House History in Brief Edit

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