The longtime guardians of Brand Keep , of Carda's Eye , and in conjunction with House Dreigar , the Keledoni side of Cardas Pass , House Caerwyn is one of the oldest and most storied of the Great Houses of the kingdom. Its roots lie in Sothar's day, and they have always been stalwart guardians of their lands in North Avendur.
Today, as a Great House, they rule the entire reach from their seat in the town of Careton-on-Avenda.

Its position as guardians against the realm's traditional Akarthan enemies has made them cautious, surefooted, and strong. They can also be suspicious and untrusting. 

The current head of the House is Gaenor Caerwyn, Duke of North Avendur. He is a close friend and staunch ally of Brandyr KesDreigar, Duke of South Avendur. While the positions occupied by both men make incredible demands on their friendship the two have remained close, thick-skinned, and able to conduct business without taking things personally.


The House standard is a brown goat, facing the vieewer's left (to dexter) on a field of red and silver. The goat itself expresses the sure-footed movements of the House, and its reliability in precarious and tricky situations. House Caerwyn prides itself on its resourcefulness as well, and has often proven highly capable of making a great deal from very little. The goat, with its ability to eat seemingly anything, reflects this quality.

Titles and StandingEdit

The head of House Caerwyn is also the Duke or Duchess of North Avendur. Attendant titles include Marquis of Stonehorn, Earl of Underlea and Baron of Rillion. The term 'goats' is often used to describe the members of the House and its retainers. It's use, generally, isn't considered perjorative.

House History in BriefEdit

House Caerweyn entered the nobility of Keledon at its outset, under the auspices of King Sothar. As stalwart allies and willing guardians of the kingdom's eastern frontier and the pass into Akaryth, House Caerwyn soon grew closer to the Crown. During the reign of Sothar's son, Palathin of Akaryth invaded the kingdom; House Caerwyn provided a great deal of support and soldiers, being represented far from its traditional lands at the Battle of Hawksbridge.

The kingdom's expansion into the Marches was a cause of concern for the House, no less for its distrust of House Terwin, the horsemasters of the realm. While there has never been real love between the two Great Houses, there is, at the moment, no real enmity either.

During Balar's Rebellion House Caerwyn threw its support behind Seldhe, less out of any opinion on the respective claims of the princess and her uncle, but more out of loyalty to the wishes of the dead king, who had appointed his niece his heir. The rebellion produced a black eye for the House when Balar Halad was able to infiltrate and capture the fortress of Carda's Eye, in Caerwyn lands. The resulting siege was lengthy, and was finally successful when Alrik Beyran and Theo of Aldwyn arrived through Cardas Pass with a force of Akarthan mercenaries. In this endeavor House Caerwyn was most useful, providing support and secret passage when required, and using its knowledge of the Eye to the advantage of the princess. In the end, the House, through Balar's time in the keep, was able to rediscover many of the secret passages and rooms lost to time. The House spends much of the summer months in Carda's Eye, where it is cooler and less humid than their seat in Careton-on-Avenda.