Heulyn I (b. 1324 AS d. 1375 AS), also the Suntressed or the Summersong, was the first queen of Keledon and mother of the second. Her reign is


remembered as one of the most prosperous times of the kingdom's history and left a significant impact on the art and culture of the kingdom. Heulyn was an educated woman who believed strongly in the concepts of a common good, the use of power for the betterment of all (including the lower classes) and the exercise of authority as a responsibility rather than a privilege. Her reign endured for twenty years before she died, at the age of 62.

Early Life Edit

Heulyn was born Maira of House Karlyn on 31 Quickens, 1324 AS, in Eddathan Castle on the east coast of the Kingsland, then a frequently-used Royal retreat. Her father, Haren II, was the eleventh king of Keledon and her mother, Aderna, a lady from Arduin in the west. Most of her early years were spent in Hawksholme or or Eddathan, but it was the latter that remained dearer to her throughout her life.

She was the second child of her parents, the first being her brother Mardh, who had been raised to be king. While she doggedly learned the usual pursuits of a young woman of her station--embroidery, weaving, and so on--her true passion was in learning and knowledge. The young princess devoured every book or scroll she could find. By the time she was seventeen she could read, write and speak four languages.