Havan is a small town located in Keledon, a few days' travel north of Kindem Hua. The town is largely reliant on local logging and other aspects of the timber industry, although agricultural products are also produced locally.

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The celebrated warrior and knight Dale of Havan was born and raised in this settlement.

Located on the shores of a large lake, which in turn gives rise to a river connecting Havan to Kindem Hua and Kalabar, the town does a brisk business in selling timber, furs, and small amounts of produce.

Havan is located in a hollow between two hills. The larger, to the north-east, is called the Beltyn. The smaller, to the south-east, is Three Pines. The town boasts only a few small shops and is mainly occupied by families involved in the lumber and shipping trades. Surrounding the town to the east and south are farms, to the west the lake, and to the north Edmyr's Commons, then the boughs of the forests from which the town prospers.

Locations on the map include:

1. The Town Hall

2. The Hawk and Hammer, a local tavern with a few small rooms to rent. The proprietor is a grizzled old veteran by the name of Brandyr KesCulachan.

3. Bullman's Farm, home to Jon Bullman, retired adventurer and local legend.

4. The Square, which serves as a marketplace.