The Conclave of the Silent is the highest governing authority of The High Path, the dominant religion in Amallon. The religion is formed of a group of priestly orders centered around the Magedar, or saints, and each order is led by a High Priest/ess. The High Priest/esses of the eight main orders form the Inner Conclave, while the collected High Priest/esses of all the orders form the Conclave General. The Conclave elects the Archpriest/ess from among its own number. Technically any member of the Conclave can be elected to the position, but functionally the winner is usually a member of the Inner Conclave.

The Conclave's members live predominantly in Deici.

The Conclave's Function Edit

The Conclave General serves as the highest level of government for the Faith, and oversees its operations across Amallon and beyond. The monetary and land holdings of the religion are administered at this level, and religious courts, when they occur, do so at this level. The Conclave General is also the body that handles diplomacy and negotiations with other nations.

The Inner Conclave, however, has its own authority over other aspects of the Faith. Military religious orders, intelligence and general matters of doctrine and theology are chiefly administered by the Inner Conclave. While supreme authority rests with the Archpriest/ess in all matters of governance, theology and doctrine of the Faith, the Inner Conclave serves as a council of ministers.

Regalia Edit

The color white is associated with the Conclave General. Its members wear robes and cloaks of white, accented by the colors of their own Order. Each is entitled to wear a circlet as well, wrought of bronze in the form of knotted cord, and carries a staff of white wood, decorated at the High Priest/ess's whim, according to their Order's color.

Members of the Inner Conclave are attired in a similar fashion. However their circlets are fashioned of silver, and their regalia accented with it. Their original orders' colors are represented by long sashes worn about the waist.

As the prima inter pares of the Conclave, the Archpriest/ess is also attired in white, but wears a circlet and accents of gold. His or her staff is accented and capped in gold as well. The Archpriest/ess puts aside the color of his or her home order, becoming now the single priest/ess dedicated in service to the One.