Sir Clerbold Mared, the Count of Hakeswill, and often known as The Red Wolf or The Red Wolf of Mared, was born in 1832 AS, in Hakeswill Hall, Cardashire. His reputation is of a fierce, fearless man who made a good deal of his fortune tracking down fugitives heading for, or coming from, Akaryth.

Clerbold is a shrewd and cunning man, of average height and build. His eyes are dark; his brown hair has gone grey and is receeding. In his younger yeas he was feared throughout the kingdom as a bounty hunter and savage warrior. He wears a dark moustache and van dyke. A scar crosses over his left eye and continues for an inch or two on his cheek.

His demenor is grim, and he rarely smiles. Clerbold is possessed of a piercing stare that few can hold for more than a moment, and is surprisingly silent on his feet. He tends to wear black and red, the colors of his House. Clerbold is a cynical and pragmatic man, having little use for gods, religion or their followers. Gold is what he cares about.

Brief BioEdit

Clerbold's father, the First Baronet Hakeswill, died in 1859 AS. Although himself a knight, this reversion of his father's temporar holdings to House Caerwyn greatly weakened his position. However the following year, Balar's Rebellion broke out following the death of King Halar III, and this afforded Clerbold an opportunity to indulge in his favorite passtime--hunting down deserters. Each one he caught could be sold to one army as a spy or the other as a deserter. By 1862 AS, halfway through the rebellion, Clerbold had managed to amass a small fortune.

By the winter of 1862 it became clear to Clerbold that Seldhe would be the eventual victor and the next ruler of the kingdom. As luck would have it, Clerbold
happened upon Feyr Maeleth, a younger son of House Maeleth, itself supporting Balar in his rebellion. Capturing the young man, who was serving as a messenger carrying details of Balar's plans, proved to be a boon for Clerbold, who turned him over to Seldhe's forces instead. The resulting information, along with that provided by the Lowborn Militia, was of great help to Seldhe's camp. At the end of the war, Clerbold was rewarded with a county, and created First Count of Hakeswill. 

After the WarEdit

Now risen to the Low Nobility, and granted lands stripped from House Maeleth for their part in the rebellion, Clerbold set about arranging his own House. As a sigil he took a red wolf, due to his old nickname. His new responsibilities kept him from returning to his bounty hunting, but Clerbold turned his impulses instead towards cementing his control and authority within his own holdings.

Law and order are of paramount importance to Clerbold, and as head of House Mared he enforces discipline, both among his troops and his subjects, fiercely. He does not consider any good deed to erase a bad one, and has earned a reputation for absolute and stern justice.

Within Hakeswill and the lands immediately surrounding it, it is well known that a man trying to evade the law, and seeking to pass through Clerbold's lands, is a fool. Clerbold is also known for employing sellswords and mercenaries without a second thought, even importing them as needed from over the Ironfist Mountains.

Clerbold and his House have a strained relationship with the Dreigar bannermen House Cuchlayn; Clerbold's father had been a bastard son of one of younger Cuchlayn boys. Taking a red hound for his sigil was seen as making an unwelcome statement by House Cuchlayn, whose sigil is a grey hound.