A Druidic meeting place in Capel Derwydd.

Capel Derwydd is a hidden enclave of the Druids on a large island off the southern coast of Keledon. Concealed deep within the forests and hills of the island, Capel Derwydd is forbidden to all outsiders and death is the penalty for those found violating the sanctuary. There is one small port to which supplies and people are delivered; currently only house Borudh has permission to dock, and even then only at pre-arranged intervals.

The island is one of the Three Enclaves of Keledoni Druidry, the others being Draoi and the Whitestag. As an Enclave, one of Keledon's Archdruids resides here. Students, both male and female, are brought here after initial training in the Whitestag or Draoi respectively.

The Druids of Capel Derwydd have played an important role in the realm's early history. After the defeat of Sothar KesGalen by Halm the Six-Fisted in 934 AS, the Druids smuggled the future king to safety on the island. He remained there for several years.