Reckoning Years Edit

The calendar used across Torthalon begins almost 1900 years ago with the fall of Alindor, the great empire that 'brought light to the world'.

The year of Alindor's fall is year one AS, or 'after sun'; the current year is 1875 AS.

The years before 1 AS begin with the declaration of Alindor's Imperial status, 723 years before 1 AS. These years are labelled 'SY' or 'sun year'. 423 SY is followed by 1 AS.

Months Edit

In the reckoning of Amallon, each year is 364 days long. The year is divided into ten months, each 36 days long, with four extra-calenary days, each occurring on one of the solstices or equinoxes (the solstices are Longest Night and Endless Day). The new year is commonly the Summer Solstice, but this varies from place to place and people to people.

The solstices are remarkable in their length. The summer solstice, or Endless Day (New Years), is a 24 hour period of daylight. The winter solstice, Longest Night, is a 24 period of night.

The ten months of the year are:

  1. Beralín (Highsun)

  2. High Summer

  3. Harvest

  4. Fading Sun

  5. Young Sun

  6. Winterfang

  7. Icewind

  8. Quickens

  9. Spring

  10. High Spring

Days and Weeks Edit

Days are simply numbered within their month, such as 14 Harvest, or 8 Quickens. Weeks are not usually referenced, but lunar terms, such as "half a moon's turn" (14 days) or a "quarter turn" (7 days) are not uncommon. In some areas, where tradition or religion dictates a day of rest, those same traditions usually determine its period as well. For example, in Matlisan every seventh day is considered one of rest. Thus, the dates of these rest days change year to year.