The Blackfang Mountains are a range that cuts through the center of Keledon and dominate the reach known as The Haft. The range is steep, jagged and dark, its feet covered by a blanket of thick, old-growth pine forest. The highest point in the range is a little over 3000 feet above sea level.

The range itself is divided in two. The north and south ranges surround a deep and forested valley in which most of the lands and inhabitants of the Haft dwell. The north range is divided by a pass that cuts through them halfway along their length, allowing ready access between the central valley and those parts of The Haft that lie north of the mountains.

The north range of the Blackfangs has not, as of yet, produced any large mineral finds. The southern range, however, produces silver, copper and tin in scattered mines, most of them near Lungard or Barrow's Dell.