Adamar Halad (b. 1812 AS) is the great uncle of Queen Heulyn II and currently serves her as Chancellor of Keledon. As such he is one of the most powerful individuals in the kingdom and wields considerable [1]


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influence both within Keledon and abroad. Halad has also served as Master of the Purse and High Steward in the past and has proven indispensable to the monarchs his family has produced.

Adamar Halad was born in Hawksbridge on 4 Fading Sun, 1812 AS, to Geor Halad and Bruna Eimor. A good portion of his childhood was spent in the town of his birth until he was sent to foster with Arthan Kurdwyn. He remained in Lothyan until he turned sixteen upon which he turned home and took as wife Mera Talfyn of Bransdale.

When Halar III came to the throne Ademar was called upon to serve as High Steward of the Realm, a position in which he remained for three years. Then, in 1848 AS he was appointed Master of the Purse. Ademar proved capable enough in this capacity, finding himself deeper into the king's thoughts. In 1853 AS he was appointed High Chancellor of the Realm; he remained in this position until the king's death in 1860 AS.

The subsequent war of succession was a heartbreaking one for Ademar as his family was divided. Knowing he had to chose a side to support he ultimately sided with Seldhe, chiefly out of respect for the wishes of the dead king and out of dread at the thought of Balar, always a bit of a bully, on the throne.

Grateful for his support, the new young queen reaffirmed Ademar's appointment as Chancellor.


Subsequently Ademar's keen political and diplomatic mind has proven invaluable to the queen. He has also been a mentor to her and has been a major influence on the development of her diplomatic, domestic and foreign policies, as well as her abilities in those arenas.

Ademar is stern in demeanor and highly focused. He has a keen, penetrating mind and is well known for his ability to accurately size up an opponent in moments. He is a permanent fixture at court, and serves as the queen's representative when she herself is unavailable. He is known to have a cautious relationship with the Druids and is frequently and openly suspicious of their motives. In recent years Ademar has been instrumental in preserving the peace with Akaryth, quickly identifying and defusing potential diplomatic issues. He is known to have the respect (if not the amity) of Valeyr III, the King of Akaryth.

Ademar is also devoted to his family, although he is stern and his expectations are high. His eldest son, Faran, is a knight and figure of renown at court. His second son, Maegin, serves as the kingdom's ambassador in Akaryth. His third, Athan, works diligently to expand the House's stake in trade across the Maraseri. His eldest daughter, Mina, has wed into House Kurdwyn while his second daughter, Eltha, died of a fever when she was seven. His youngest daughter, Heula, has just reached her adolescence and various suitors have begun to seek a marriage arrangement.